Someday by Rachel

Ayah dan ibu, abi dan ummi, daddies and mommies,

Remember that you are not alone in this journey. It will be over someday insya Allah. Cherish every single second of the laughter and tears because someday you will be wondering where have all the moments gone.

SOMEDAY by Rachel (

Someday my house will stay clean.
Someday the dishes will be done and cereal not spilled on the floor.
Someday the juice box straw wrappers won’t be stuck to the counter.
Someday there won’t be swings to push.
Someday laundry will be small.
Someday I won’t be the one needed at three am.
Someday bedtime won’t have 32 steps until they’re finally asleep.
Someday I won’t have a little hand in my hand when we cross the street.
Someday there won’t be legoes underfoot.
Someday I won’t have to hear it’s not fair and it’s my turn and he got more.
Someday I won’t sit in a school pick up line wondering why the kid in front of me wasn’t ready to pop out of their car.
Someday there won’t be anyone jumping from stairs too high to the living room below.
Someday I’ll be able to sleep without an alarm.
Someday the house will be so so quiet.
Someday the throw pillows will stay on the couch.
Someday I won’t trip over boots in the entry way.
Someday the crayons won’t break and markers won’t lose their caps.
Someday I won’t hear mom mom mom mom mom mom mom mom.
Someday the bad dreams and thunder scares and tummy aches in the middle of the night will be done.
Someday there won’t be cries of I’m bored and there’s nothing to do and I’m starving.
Someday trips to Target will be lonely. And less expensive.
Someday there won’t be spelling words to drill and math facts to check.
Someday I won’t wait up for them to get back home.
Someday I won’t have to yell no sneaking pickles or don’t sneak food or don’t sass back.
Someday the paperwork and artwork and clutter on the counter will be gone.
Someday the fundraising will be over.
Someday the worry, well, the worry will probably stay.
Someday all the things that are on my plate today will be done.
Someday my calendar won’t be so crazy color-coded.
Someday my latte will stay hot and my showers uninterrupted.
Someday I will miss today.
Someday I will sit back and think that I did it.
Someday, but not today.
Because today, today isn’t someday.
Today I’m mothering.



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